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Steve Lord
I freelance for the Dee Radio Group on stations in Chester and Macclesfield. I voice track the Sensational 70's and Love Dance shows via Zetta.

Sowerby & Luff
Brian Luff and Georgina Sowerby have been writing and performing together for over 10 years and have presented some of the UK’s most critically acclaimed podcasts.

James Cutchey
Originally from the UK but now living and working in Australia, James VTs the drive show across Asia on Asia Expat Radio servicing the Australian, British and New Zealand expat community.

Andy Hoyle
Andy has over 25 years radio experience and has worked all over the UK on some of the country's biggest radio stations.

Jason Hardy
Jason is one of the UK's most experienced radio broadcasters with 30 years working on Commercial and BBC radio.

Wim Brons
Wim Brons from the Netherlands is an experienced Voice Tracker and whilst his demo is in Frisian, he is also available to voice shows in English!

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